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Time Traveler (TimeTravel Challenge)

My work for the large-scale challenge "Time Travel" from MYTONA and SmirnovSchool.

It was with great pleasure that I came up with a story for my traveler. His name is Zach Weber.
Zach is a young physicist. After the discovery of "quantum algae" in 2028, he was on a team of scientists who managed to extract a quantum liquid from algae. By studying it, scientists understood why algae had not been discovered earlier. Quantum juice
transforms matter from a fermionic state to a bosonic one. In other words, matter becomes "ghostly" and ceases to interact with the environment.
Zach came up with the idea of ​​stabilizing the bosons with a portable black hole.
Thus, it became possible to "drag" matter through time and space without introducing changes in the time continuum.
Zach became the first traveler to make a 269-year time jump.

Zach is a big fan of Mozart. So he went to the year 1761. Then young Mozart performed at the Schönbrunn Palace for Empress Maria Theresa.
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